Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Touring the Midway

One of the nice things about doing two CAD Camp events back to back in nearby cities is the opportunity for some down-time. We took advantage of the 1-hour trip from Phoenix to San Diego to get into downtown for some site seeing.

My son may be the pilot, but I still have a love of plane and boats. What better way to spend a Wednesday afternoon than touring the USS Midway.

It didn't take much convincing to get Starr and Teri to join me.

The deck of this 47-year old aircraft carrier is absolutely huge. It truly is like a floating city, and they have done an absolutely incredible job converting the ship into an excellent floating museum.

There's a great collection of aircraft on the 1,000-foot long deck...virtually one of every type of plane that ever landed there. I particularly enjoyed hearing first hand from a former crew member what it was like to guide returning planes in for a landing.

We were able to join the final group of the day for a tour of the bridge and flight control. If anything, we didn't have enough time to see everything before the ship closed for the day.

We concluded the day with a nice dinner at a harborside restaurant. Matt Murphy and I each enjoyed our drinks.

There are more photos of the Midway on my Flickr site.

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