Saturday, October 11, 2008

On My Own Again

If I needed any confirmation as to the state of the economy, it was driven home on Friday, October 3. That morning, after returning from the season's first CAD Camp event in San Francisco, I was informed that I had been laid off from my job as an applications engineer with The PPI Group, an Autodesk dealership with offices in Portland and Seattle.

So after two years as an employed person, I am once again an independent CAD consultant. Maybe I'll find more time to post here more often.

I am actively seeking new clients. I know times are tough, but that makes it all the more important that users get the most out of the tools and technologies they are using. With more than 25 years of experience, I am uniquely qualified to help ensure that success.

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  1. David,

    I'd certainly like to hear about your current situation and your future plans. And I'd like to share the same with you. Please contact me at my email address.