Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whister Fire & Ice

After the ski jumping, we spent the rest of Sunday afternoon relaxing. But that evening, we went down to the Whistler Village to watch the Fire & Ice show. This has become a regular weekly event at Whistler, in which a number of ski instructors perform some extreme skiing stunts off a jump built at the bottom of the main run down off Whistler Mountain.

The performance started off with some simple jumps and the proceeded to get much more daring, with lots of flips and twists.

It featured both skiers and borders. After each stunt, the skiers and borders got towed back up the hill behind a snowmobile.

Then there was a brief pause while several people put up a ring, which they then lite on fire. Then the skiers and borders proceeded to do their stunts though the ring of fire.

The evening concluded with a brief fireworks display.

You can see more photos of the Whistler Fire & Ice show on my Flickr site.

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