Monday, July 6, 2009

Black Rock Desert - Day 1

After my 12-hour drive, I'm out here today for the first of four days in the Black Rock Desert north of Reno, Nevada with the team from North American Eagle Racing. They're doing a series of tests this week of the vehicle that they hope to drive next summer to a new Land Speed Record of 800mph.

The team started working around 5am. I admit to not making my way out onto the playa until around 9am. By the time I got there, the metal structure for the temporary structure to protect the vehicle had already been assembled.

But there was still plenty to do. Although the temperature is only in the 80s (much cooler than the 110-degrees that it often reaches this time of year) the wind blew pretty constantly today at around 25mph. This made putting up the canvas cover quite a chore.

Once the canvas was partially secured, I left with team member Steve Wallace to help erect one of several towers with ethernet routers. These are placed every 2 miles along the runway that has been cleared for the test runs.

Once the structure was completely secure, it was time to unload the vehicle.

This too was quite an undertaking. Once the vehicle was out of its trailer, team members removed the rubber travel wheels and attached the big aluminum wheels that will actually be used for the text runs.

It was after 7pm before this was complete. Time to drive back into town, because the kitchen at Bruno's closes at 8pm.

If all goes well, the first test run will be tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

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