Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey Guys...I'm an Expert!

I was recently tapped to be one of the experts on Autodesk's AutoCAD Exchange community website. It was an interesting experience. I had to fly down to Autodesk's San Francisco headquarters and spent a day in a small room with a film crew (cameraman, soundman, and a director) as well as my good friend Heidi Hewett.

The videos went live in August and from August 22 to 29, I was the resident online expert, fielding questions from AutoCAD users worldwide. I hope I was able to provide useful responses to the many questions that were posted.

Those questions, as well as the videos from our San Francisco session, are now archived for viewing on the AutoCAD Exchange site.

For my conversations with Heidi, go to the AutoCAD Exchange site and click on the link to "Hear the Difference."

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