Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Letters from Camp

Enough about lost luggage. I'm now at the point of having to get some real work done again. The reason for the trip to Orlando is to attend Autodesk Tech Camp, an annual meeting for application engineers to learn about all the new Autodesk software.

Monday afternoon's sessions were all ab out soft skills to help us do a better job doing pre-sales. The sessions were interesting, particularly because I've never really thought that much about sales.

But the evening session was totally bizarre. Billed as a "Software Loading Party," nearly 1,000 people filed into a banquet room after loading a plate with salad and pizza. Then, for the next three hours, we loaded new software onto our computers so that we'd be ready to begin our classes the next morning. No one warned me that I'd need nearly 10GB of free disk space in order to accomplish this task, nor that it would take several hours.

After an all too brief night's sleep, the first event of the day was a motivational talk by NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw. He was great. Funny. Inspiring. And totally entertaining.

Here are several short videos of Terry Bradshaw's presentation.

Now I've got a short break to check email before going into the first of today's technical classes. And hopefully, while I'm hard at work, American Airlines will finally deliver my suitcase. (Okay, I had to mention my luggage at least once, right?)

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