Sunday, April 22, 2007

One Very Funny Brit

I had a rare treat on Saturday night. John Oliver from the Daily Show performed at the Performing Arts Center at Western Washington University. Genny alerted me to this when I returned home from Tech Camp and so on Satursday afternoon, I called the WWU box office and bought tickets.

I don't think the show was publicized much outside of the university itself, because there were very few non-students at the show. It was open seating, however, and we managed to get seats in the second row (the first row being reserved).

Four regulars from Ryan Stiles' UpFront Theatre improv troupe opened the show, and did the best 30 minutes of improv I have seen in a long time. But we were absolutely blown away by John Oliver. This guy is funny on the Daily Show, but he was absolutely hysterical in person. Much of his comedy is self-deprecating humor, such as the story of how he managed to expose himself while running a race in a high school track meet.

He also admits that he is totally incapable of uttering the "whoop" that he says is so popular among Americans, as he relates in this short video clip from the show.

We also were amazed at the fact that he did nearly an hour of material and then stayed on stage for nearly another full hour answering questions from the audience.

If you ever get a chance to see John Oliver live, don't miss out. He is wonderful and deserves lots of success.

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