Monday, April 16, 2007

My Bag Must Like it There

When I returned from lunch, I had a message waiting from American Airlines. They were turning my “delayed bag” issue into a “lost bag” problem, the difference being that in the increasingly likely event that my bag is not found, I’ll be able to be reimbursed for the entire value of its contents.

But when I returned the call and spoke with Marina at American Airlines, she put me on hold and called the agents in Ottawa. She spoke with Kam, who informed her that my bag was still in Ottawa. The holdup it appears is her inability to clear my bag through Canada Customs. Of course, that’s what Kam told me on Friday and again on Saturday.

Perhaps my bag just likes it better in Ottawa. Maybe rather than trying to get the bag to come to me, I should just move to Ottawa…


I was told to call back later, so after I finished the first of today’s sessions at Autodesk Tech Camp (the event that I'm now attending in Orlando), I called American Airlines again and spoke this time with Stephanie McNeal in Dallas. She informed me that my bag was indeed still in Ottawa, but that it would be sent to Orlando early tomorrow morning. Of course, I’m not holding my breath any longer, particularly considering the news that American Airlines flight attendants are supposedly going on strike tomorrow.


  1. There is no telling whether you will get your bag tomorrow. I hope you give them a bill for the clothes that you were forced to buy because of this problem. Also, you are extremely fortunate that you didn't have any valuable or items that you need to conduct your business. That could have potentially harmed your reputation.

    So sorry to hear of your difficulty. If they gave you a free ticket for the hassle would you use it?

  2. Interesting question. At this point, the way I have been treated by American Airlines during this entire ordeal, I will avoid them like the plague. I doubt I'd use a free ticket if offered one. None of the American flights I was on operated on time. None of the American gate agents were helpful. And at O'Hare, there isn't evem a live person at a customer service counter you can talk to, at least not inside the actual secure area. All American provides is a bank of red phones you can use to call customer service.