Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And Now...The Main Event

It's Tuesday, which means I finally have to fulfill the reason I'm in Hawaii...the second annual Honolulu AUGI CAD Camp. The event was sponsored by SPEC Systems Corp. Former AUGI President Yoshi Honda was the content manager and did an excellent job organizing the day's events.

The team in Hawaii had a few instructors that haven't been regular participants on the mainland. My old friend dave espinosa-aguilar, always one of the top instructors at Autodesk University, flew in from eastern Washington and taught three classes.

Local Felicia Provencal, also a long-time AU instructor, also taught three classes, as did I.

Other instructors included Autodesk regulars Heidi Hewett and Todd Hunter as well as locals Daven Homamoto, Veronica Lamb, and Jamie Casile.

A crowd of nearly 240 attended, making the Honolulu CAD Camp one of the most well attended CAD Camp events yet.

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  1. when is the next one?could you let me know