Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yes...I'm Here on Business

Any of you who know about my travel horror stories will not be at all surprised by the first part of my story.

I had to fly to Honolulu so that I could speak at the AUGI CAD Camp event there on Tuesday, July 31. Since my son Bruce lives there, I decided to fly to Hawaii on Friday afternoon so that I could spend the weekend visiting with him.

So, imagine that you got to go to Hawaii for business. Imagine that you could get there a few days early so that you could enjoy the island before having to work. Now imagine that Northwest Airlines cancels your flight.

That's right. On Friday afternoon, upon arriving at Seatac Airport from Bellingham, the woman at the Alaska Airlines Boardroom, upon looking up my reservation, informs me that NWA flight 607 to Honolulu has been cancelled and I am now scheduled to arrive not on Friday evening but on Sunday morning.

Some very quick work by the wonderful woman at Alaska Airlines remedied that situation. She got on the phone with Northwest and secured me one of the few remaining seats on a flight leaving in 35 minutes for Maui. She also called Northwest baggage department to make sure that my bag got transferred to that flight. I ran through the airport and managed to get onto the flight just before they closed the door.

The flight was uneventful, thank goodness, although I could certainly complain about NWA's lack of food. By the time they got to my row, all that was left among the $5 deli sandwiches was tomato and mozzarella. So be it.

Upon arriving in Maui, I quickly changed my Hawaian Air flight from a 9pm departure to a 7pm flight. I actually arrived in Honolulu 35 minutes earlier than my originally scheduled Northwest flight.

And miraculously, my bag arrived. Among other things, my bag contained my new underwater housing for my Canon SD600 digital camera. The following are some of the photos I took the next morning when we dove the Sea Tiger, a wreck just off the coast.

Resting in just over 100 feet of water, it was quite a nice wreck.

Bruce's friend Jill arranged the dive for us. We met at the dock early on Saturday morning and did the first dive of the day on the Sea Tiger.

After a short surface break, we did a second dive on a small reef in about 40 feet of water. The sea life was interesting, but not spectacular, although we did see a small white tip shark.

We also saw several nice morays. There are more photos of the dive on my Flickr site.

The Canon digital camera is not only great for photography, but also takes excellent video. Here's a short video of our dives.

Later that afternoon, after a very pleasant lunch, Bruce, Jill, and I hiked to Maunawili Falls. Here's a photo from the hike. But again, there are more on the Flickr site.

The plan for Sunday is to kayak over to a small island off Lanikai Beach. More on that in my next posting.

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