Sunday, July 29, 2007

No Resting on Sunday

Sunday in Hawaii dawned beautiful, like every other day in Hawaii. After a relaxed breakfast, we rented some kayaks at the nearby Marine base and paddled over to the Mukulua Islands, two small islands about a mile off Lanakai Beach. It took us about 30 minutes to cross, paddling against the current.

Once there, Bruce, Jill, and I climbed around to the ocean side of the island. Bruce had shown us these islands when we were in Hawaii visiting in February, and I had heard the story (and seen the damage) from when Bruce and his friend Phong had attempted this same trip last winter. At that time, a wave washed Phong onto the rocks, resulting in a trip to the hospital and a number of stitches.

Happily, our trip was totally uneventful, although Bruce had not told me that the goal was to climb around onto the back side where there was a protected inlet and some very high cliffs, perfect for cliff diving.

It was a bit intimidating the first time, but quite fun after that.

After several solo jumps and dives, Bruce and his friend Jill jumped together. Of course, none of us attempted to jump from the higher cliffs around to the south of the inlet.

After spending an hour or so on the island, we paddled back to Lanakai Beach, a much shorter crossing thanks to the current.

Some of the homes along Lanakai Beach are quite spectacular. Jill rents a small apartment behind one of these homes.

After returning the kayaks, Bruce and I had dinner at the home of Shannon's parents. Shannon is the pilot with whom Bruce shares a house. She's currently at Instructor Pilot training.

Tomorrow morning, we're playing golf with Shannon's dad and a friend of his visiting from Australia.

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