Friday, February 19, 2010

Pink Floyd...Mariachi Style

I was in San Diego yesterday for the AUGI CAD Camp event. Yes, after more than a year hiatus, the CAD Camps are finally back. While I did not speak at the first two, in San Francisco and Los Angeles (because I was up in Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics), I did take a short break from the Olympics and went to San Diego for Thursday's event.

First, let me just say how well this event was run. The new management team did a great job. The turnout was a bit small, but everyone who made it to the event was treated to a great day. I encourage anyone who can to get to one of the newly revived CAD Camps.

On Wednesday night, before the event, I went out to dinner with fellow speakers Rick Ellis, Bill Fane, Robert Green, and Heidi Hewett. We went to a great Mexican restaurant in Old Town. Of course, it had the requisite mariachi band. No sooner did Robert Green make a comment about how he once saw a mariachi band do covers of classic rock songs, then along came the band to our table and proceeded to do extreme justice to Pink Floyd. So here, without further adieu, I give you Los Rios.

These guys were obviously thrilled to have me capture them on video, and unlike the IOC, are looking forward to seeing it both here and on YouTube. I apologize that the video is so dark. We were sitting outside and I didn't have any sort of video light.

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