Sunday, February 28, 2010

We're On TV...Don't Blink or You'll Miss It

I've spent a quiet Sunday afternoon watching the gold medal hockey game and we were just sitting down to watch the closing ceremonies. Of course, NBC's coverage is still terrible. It's already nearly 8:30pm. The closing ceremonies have actually been over for several hours but have been delayed here on the west coast so that they can be aired in prime time. What a crock.

There was one upside from the coverage. NBC aired some gold medal highlights, one of which was the Ladies' Figure Skating Free Skate program. We were there that night, so we didn't see it on TV and our DVR was so filled that by the time we had a chance to watch it, it was no longer there.
As we watched the coverage of Kim Yu-Na, the camera cut to a shot taken way up in the stands, and there was none other than Clarice holding one end of our American flag.

Then, while watching the coverage of the final two runs of the 4-man bobsled, I managed to spot myself and Genny's brother Mike standing at the finish line.

That's Mike with his head turned, wearing a blue Team USA cap and my right arm reaching out with my small digital camera. I'm wearing my blue USA jacket with a red stripe down the arm, so it was easy for me to spot myself.

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