Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Fifth Day - Women's Figure Skating Long Program

Today was one of the BIG events. We drove up to Vancouver for the Ladies Free Skate, the final program in the women's figure skating competition. This is one of the premier events at the Winter Olympics and it was even more special since today was Genny's birthday.

We posed for a photo outside the Pacific Coliseum before heading inside to find our seats.

We were fairly high up, but with a great view of everything.

My sister Lori came along with Clarice, Genny, and me. This is one event that is definitely better in person. You might see it closer on TV, but you don't see it all unless you're there. What a thrill.

I still can't believe that we actually managed to get tickets to this event. It was an incredible experience to get to see all 24 competitors. On television you only get to see the top 4 or 5.

Of course, we were rooting for Rachael Flatt, who went into the free program in 5th place. She skated first in the final group of 6 women. Here she is in the kiss and cry booth after her performance.

Of course, the sentimental favorite was Canada's Joannie Rochette, who got a standing ovation when she came out onto the ice, and then again at the end of her program.

But there was no question that Kim Yu-Na from Korea had won the competition. We had been transfixed watching her short program on TV two nights ago. Her long skate was incredible.

After waiting in the kiss and cry booth, Kim Yu-Na scored an incredible 150.06 in the long program for a total of 228.56, more than 20 points ahead of Asada Moa from Japan in second place and Joannie Rochette in third. Mirai Nagasu, who had been in 6th place after her short program, finished in 4th, with a performance that we thought was equal to or better than Rochette's.

Unlike most of the other events we've attended, they actually held a full medal ceremony after the end of the figure skating.

Then the three medalists stayed on the ice and posed for pictures until most of the crowd had a chance to see them up close. Can you tell that we really enjoyed ourselves?

We also got a chance to see the NBC commentators up close. But we still hate the way NBC packages the Olympics. More than 30 minutes after the end of the event, they were still producing their commentary, since they had not yet actually aired the final skaters' performances.

Back outside, we had just a short walk to a bus and then a Skytrain ride back to where we had parked our car. Once again, we were back in Bellingham well before midnight.

Tomorrow we're back to Vancouver for Short Track Speed Skating.

By the way, I've got more photos on my Flickr site.

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