Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our Fourth Olympic Day - Freestyle Skiing

Yesterday, we made our way up to Cypress Mountain north of Vancouver for the finals of the Women's Freestyle Aerials competition. This was actually the first event I got tickets for and we were seated in the front row, giving me a perfect spot to hang my flag.
The weather could have been better. After suffering through very warm weather and a lack of snow, the past few days have turned colder and last night they got snow at Cypress. But in Vancouver, when the weather gets like this, we get fog. And as you can see, it was quite foggy at Cypress.

In spite of the fog, we were able to see the skiers when they launched off the 40-foot high kickers, a the competition was great, with three women from the USA, four from China, two from Belarus, and three from Australia.
By the start of the event, the stands filled with lots of very enthusiastic fans. This group sitting behind us kept getting onto the huge video screen. I wonder why.

In spite of the fog, I was able to get some pretty good images.

The strong Chinese women's team turned out to be no match for Lydia Lassila, who won the gold medal for Australia.

There are even more photos on my Flickr site.

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